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Welcome to K's Brading

At K's braiding, we specialize in all types of braids, textured weaves, locs and twists. We are building a reputation of delivering quality work one customer at a time. We believe that hair braiding is an art, so we transform your hair into a variety of trendy braid styles that you will love to show off!

Whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair, we know how to handle it and we have the right hairstyle just for you.

why you should choose us?

A professional approach, always patient with our customers, we invest time and a sincere interest in every person in search of their personal beauty: every braid is taken one at a time to achieve neatness and quality, this is today the key to our success of The Salon.

The aim is for everyone who gets our service experience to feel inspired and guided with affection towards realizing themselves. Everything at K,s brading has the aim of releasing your inner beauty and giving you more confidence in front of the world.

give the best gift to yourself

Give yourself the gift of beauty and class with a perfect style that makes you stand out wherever you are. We offer Bespoke ad trendy styles, delivered in the neatest and the most quality way you could think of.

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mon-sat: 8 am – 7 pm
5004 Berwyn Rd, Collage park, Maryland 20740

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